Pistons Playoff Preview

The Detroit Pistons find themselves in the NBA playoffs this year. I guarantee you haven’t heard that in awhile. In fact, not since 08-09.

And how’d that go? Awful. Swept by none other than this guy…


So who did we draw this time? Well, this guy…


I think I speak for all of Michigan (and the majority of the world) when I say that LeBron is the absolute worst. Easily the most hateable figure in sports.

I honestly have flashbacks to this everytime he is mentioned in the playoffs

Okay so enough of the previous heartache, let’s look at what this year is going to look like.

Honestly, not much better. The goal was for the Pistons to make the playoffs and they did that. It’s great to back in playoff conversation, however, if you anticipate us winning more than 2 games in this series then you are either crazy or delusional.

I hope I’m wrong, I hope they shock the NBA world and knock LeBron’s complaining right out of the playoffs, but it just isn’t likely.

The Cavs are much healthier than last year, and the Pistons are well, YOUNG.

On the optimistic side of things, let’s hope that those young players get valuable experience against a great Cavs team and are ready to go next year to make an even better playoff run. Baby steps people, baby steps.

On a side note: It’ll be interesting to see how much Drummond plays down the stretch in close games. If you look up liability in the dictionary, you’ll probably see a picture of him bricking a free throw.

All in all, sit back and just enjoy being able to watch the Pistons in playoff action, and don’t get your hopes up at all. That way you can’t be disappointed if they get swept.

*It wouldn’t be right to talk about the Pistons back in the playoffs without a little flashback to these fellas


Or maybe these guys?


If those don’t get you feeling all sentimental before Sunday’s tipoff then I don’t know what will. Say it with me now: DEEEEEE-TROIT BASKETBALL! (let’s not get swept).



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